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Reclaiming a ceremonial species approach – community celebrated land in Djaara Mother Country… and a teaser

When we are ceremonial people we feel the full grace of gratitude for everything that feeds life.

Without gratitude can a custodial species approach be reclaimed?

When gratitude is flowing it wormholes ideology, strips away civilisational hubris and returns us to humility – humus; earth.

By sharing the weft and warp of village making with youngtimers, sharing the belonging story of being mob together,

we can more deftly face our fears, develop relationships with the living of the world,

and find our way back to the many hearths from where our nourishment grows.

In life we come to many uncomfortable encounters. But is discomfort really just a teacher in disguise? A teacher in the lost sense of that word?

For the past several months Happen Films has been capturing all this earth-bonded reclamation for a feature-length documentary that has the working title, The New Peasants. Here is the teaser:

Because this is a feature-length doco, Happen Films requires money to complete it. You can read their funding proposal if you are interested in supporting them to make this film.

We have wanted to share the story of our eldest for some time. We share a little of it in this teaser, with his full permission. So many of the things we do stem from the pain of Zeph’s story. His pain, his radical initiation into adulthood, and our grief in not being able to stop his descent into such a punishing underworld. This pain means something, it has many teachings.

So much of what we do has been woven from the gifts of deep listening to the teachings of this pain. We don’t wish our story onto anyone, but we do like to share those parts of it that are ready to share.

What moves you, Dear Reader? In this very moment of your life, in the changing of the seasons, in the holding and the letting go?
We’d love to hear what feeds your gratitude, from the smallest leaf-beholding rituals, to the larger communal ceremonies.


  1. Mike Hughes says:

    Fantastic news! A story that well and truly needs to be told. Thank you for being inspirational, vulnerable, open, honest and everything in between.

  2. Saeed says:

    I can’t wait to watch the documentary! Thanks a lot for the inspiration.

  3. Genevieve Jones says:

    I want to let you know that it was Zephyr that led me to your family all those years ago… you were stealth camping returning from your big bike trip up north.

    It was seeing how naturally relaxed and confident Zeph was in his body that led me to get curious enough to seek you both out for conversation.

    I am so glad I did, you have been such an inspiration to me on every level in this life!

    1. Hello dear Genevieve, thank you for sharing this. Zeph often reflects on that journey. We’re glad you reached out. May our paths cross again.

  4. Rachel says:

    Your life sharing is such a gift and I am so loving it being a catalyst in my life and so grateful to the person who pointed you guys out to me 🌸

    1. Belinda says:

      So looking forward to watching this. You all inspire me so much. Thank you for sharing xxxx

      1. Thank you Belinda!

  5. Tim Woods says:

    Great teaser, this film looks awesome so far! Can’t wait to see it in full.
    What the hell am I doing with my life? 😁
    You are all an inspiration!
    I don’t know anything about Zeph’s situation but hope for the best for his future. He’s very lucky to have you all in his life.

    1. So good to hear from you, Tim. Thanks for your well wishes regarding Zeph.

  6. Ara says:

    Been following your journey for a while, it’s beautiful to see how you’ve fallen even more into place than ever before just by being and doing yourselves, it’s very inspiring.
    From personal experience, I know it takes some real authenticity and vulnerability to share Zeph’s circumstances and I think by doing it you’re getting a step closer to your (and his) truth. One day it will all feel like part of a wild journey and the trials and tribulations that life brings us all as part of this crazy world experience.

    As for myself, I’m currently working on releasing, accepting and trusting. It’s a work in progress but it feels like it’s the most important one!

    1. Thank you for bringing your wisdom here, Ara. We love “releasing, accepting and trusting.” It is precisely that process that brings peace and grows love.

  7. Springblossom says:

    It’s so generous that you shared years of the journey you three have taken and now grown around you. I can’t wait to seethe full film . “thank you”. Much warmth and gratitude that yo have shown such dedication away from the entrapment that most of us feels.
    Inspiring to all who venture here. Blessings. I love u so much! Spring

    1. Thank you Spring. Sending much love to you, dear sister.

  8. Kate Beveridge says:

    Thank you once again for your generosity and wisdom. You are truly an inspiration to me.

    1. Aw, thanks Kate! Lovely to receive your warmth.

  9. Cláudia Varino says:

    Hello AAF! I’m really looking forward to watch the new film and to hear from your family/community the way Happen Films did so beautifully so many years ago. Love, peace and hope for you all 💛

    1. Thanks Cláudia, we hope they can produce this film. As it’s a feature length doco they are looking for funding.

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