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Community unity in a time of division (with Nikki Marshall)

Covid has been a mirror, revealing to us all much about ourselves and the culture in which we live, while disclosing those in our communities who continue to work against discrimination and division. For us, it has been a time to witness who the true elders are in our midsts and how they respond in a time of crisis. Meet such a warm and full-hearted elder, Nikki Marshall…

Thank you Nikki for welcoming us into your home and sharing a few of your moving stories relating to Covid, your family and the various communities you serve.

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The book Nikki mentions towards the end of this video is From What Is to What If by Rob Hopkins. We also highly recommend it.

From pandemic to war through a geo-ecological lens (with David Holmgren)

This week we spent a few hours with co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren, at his home Melliodora in southern Djaara peoples’ country. Our conversation ranged from the personal to the geopolitical, dark green ecology to bright green billionaires, pandemic constriction to war construction, the role of energy in shaping culture to the gaming of the progressive liberal media.

Thank you Su and David for welcoming us into your home, and thank you Miles for once again sharing your two-camera craft and expertise.

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Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability by David Holmgren

Future Scenarios by David Holmgren

Crash on Demand: welcome to the Brown Tech Future by David Holmgren

History from the future: a prosperous way down by David Holmgren

RetroSuburbia: the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future by David Holmgren

Shades of Green (Lifestyle) Awards Reflection

Lewis Mumford Wikipedia page

Sébastien Marot

Robert Newman’s History of Oil

Forbidden women – International Women’s Day segregation in Australia

We held a peaceful protest outside our town hall today, bringing attention to our exclusion from the International Women’s Day event there. All over the world countries have already dropped restrictions as it has become clear the vaccines are not as effective as natural immunity, and are not the ‘safe and effective’ therapeutics they were promised to be. Yet in our home town, segregation and discrimination continue apace. No wonder international tourists are boycotting Australia.

We came home after the event and put this short video together. We look forward to your comments and discussion.

It was such a privilege for us to stand with so many fine and brave peeps, including Maya,



and Sally.

Sending love and solidarity to you on International Women’s Day.

Hearing you slowly (nuance in an age of tyranny)

Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance – Albert Maysles

As an antidote to this era of click-bait media, ‘noble lies’ journalism, feedback refusal and aggregating censorship, we are beginning a series of long-form interviews, collating the stories of people who are the experts of their own lives. And we’re sharing these stories for an audience who like their media slow, nuanced and raw.

So, here are the first four voices in the series Hearing you slowly. Thank you Trace, Marita, James and Dianne for sharing your stories. We hope you enjoy these episodes as much as we have enjoyed producing them, assisted by Miles, whose camera craft, eye and collaboration brings a special quality to this series.

In the first of these stories, children’s book writer and illustrator, Trace, speaks of her Covid experience as someone rendered health-vulnerable in large part by being overprescribed antibiotics as a teenager. She offers many insights for a post-pandemic world.

Permaculturist and grandmother, Marita, describes her youth raised and educated in Germany, and why Covid segregation has triggered her both emotionally and politically.

Highly vaccinated traveller, father and solar energy consultant, James, despite being advised not to get the Covid injections for medical reasons was not able to get a medical exemption. His personal story shines a light on the the erosion of the patient-doctor relationship and of civil liberties more broadly.

And last but not least, retired elder Dianne tells the courageous story of nursing her Covid-ill parents while she was also suffering from the illness, and offers us the gifts and wisdom she gleaned over the past two years.

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Next up, we’ll be bringing you a conversation with permaculture co-originator and futurist, David Holmgren, speaking on this present moment from his unique lens, as part of our commitment to bringing you diverse stories from the heart, the gut and the mind.

Sending much love, nuance and solidarity into your day,
Artist as Family

Red flags and the state-pharma nexus

At the Munich Security Conference this week, Bill Gates stated he was saddened that natural immunity, not Promethean or paternalistic science, has effectively ended Covid. Just say it, Bill, natural immunity is superior, and science knows this about a virus. Well, hello to another week’s report from planet Crazyland. 🤪

We have found ourselves in foreign political company throughout this epidemic for being courageous – or foolish – enough to question the government-pharma revolving door. This is something we’ve long thought of as important critical work to be done by anyone interested in examining global power relations and what makes a fair and just world.

Our video this week takes a dive into left-right binaries, the anti-mandate movement, and the collusion between the state and the pharmaceutical industry.

As always we welcome your comments.

Hoping your crazy is not too crazy, and you have plenty of nuance, love and diverse relations in your life.
Signing off from here for now,
Artist as Family x

Here are our references (in order of appearance):

Division, politics and love in Australia

In this video we present stories of discrimination and loss, shared from our hometown of Daylesford in Djaara country. These accounts propelled us to join tens of thousands of protestors in Canberra, in Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples’ countries, where we also recorded stories of grief, resistance and of love.

Once again, the corporate media portrayed protestors in Canberra as violent, stupid and far right. This video tells a more human story, from people who were actually there.

We value your stories too, and look forward to reading your comments below.

A call to action: We have lost 40% of our audience this week as YouTube banned us for three months because of our last video, so we urge you to please share our stories.

As the official narrative crumbles, the info war is stepping up. In this week’s video Patrick asks, “Where is the left? Some human rights abuses are OK and some are not?” It was a plea for more diverse political representation. Well, lo and behold, yesterday The Guardian published its first reasonable piece on those of us marginalised by medical colonialism, segregation and stigmatisation. Better late than never… ‘noble lies,’ indeed. This may be an indication that the hit pieces published by The Guardian might stop and they might start to report fairly (diversely) on what’s actually going on. They even allowed the ‘lab leak’ theory to be voiced favourably in this opinion piece. Wow! However, we’re not getting our hopes up just yet. The Guardian has a difficult u-turn to make so there is a long way to go before we see real transparency and nuance return to their reporting, especially as millions of dollars flow from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to The Guardian. In fact in 2021, Bill Gates bankrolled select progressive media outlets to the tune of $319 million, including the UK’s Guardian and BBC, as well as US medias CNNNBCNPR, the AtlanticNew York Public RadioPBS, and others. Surprise, surprise. These are the very medias that have been the most vaccine fanatical and have turned a blind eye to a nuanced or alternative Covid narrative.

We may not be able to change the big picture as quickly as we might want, but we can all help contribute to the healing in our families and communities. The best way we know to do this? By sharing stories, by being vulnerable, by deep listening and questioning everything published in the corporatised media.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, as we all navigate our way through what is happening together.

With love,
Artist as Family