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Artist as Family’s Covid roadmap

All around the world Covid roadmaps are being written by policy makers to help communities survive in the face of a global pandemic. But rather than relying on governments to map our way forward, we feel it’s more generative for people to write their own roadmaps to help create truly democratic, community-led responses, and ways of not just surviving but thriving. We believe a Covid roadmap shouldn’t be a document of top-down coercion, shaming and one-wayism, but rather diverse, nuanced, relational and a wildly joyous dance made by many. After all whose road are we on? And so in this spirit, we have created our own roadmap – a roadmap as art – shared to stimulate, provoke, and envision what’s possible.

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The challenges

1. Novel therapeutics (Covid vaccines) are only providing fleeting immunity not herd immunity, as we are seeing in the most vaccinated countries. Virologists, vaccinologists and evolutionary biologists have warned of the risk of ‘vaccinating into a pandemic’.
2. Corporatised governments are promoting overly simplistic roadmaps in the face of complex situations.
3. Natural immunity to Covid is far superior, as studies show in increasing numbers, yet natural immunity is being politicised and wilfully ignored.
4. Treatment of severe Covid symptoms with well studied medicines is available but is being blocked by vested interests.
5. Using novel therapeutics (Covid vaccines) may be harming people and the producers of them have made themselves immune from lawsuits. Doctors have been threatened with de-registration if they engage in scientific inquiry that does not follow the government’s script.
6. Novel therapeutics (Covid vaccines) are made by profit-focussed pharmaceutical corporations with significant criminal track records and yet these records are still widely secreted from the public.
7. Governments who use segregation tactics to enforce mass vaccination divide communities and families.
8. Lockdowns are harming people in a myriad of ways and there has been no meaningful cost/benefit analysis conducted to examine the societal impairment caused by locking down communities for long periods.
9. There is little public awareness concerning the origins of Covid and the public have been consistently lied to over this and many other details relating to the pandemic.
10. Continuing the rollout of novel therapeutics (Covid vaccines) when they only provide fleeting immunity appears to be more about saving the faces of senior medical advisors and politicians than aiding the public’s general health.
11. There is a critical lack of democratic news media, and whistleblowers and journalists working on behalf of the public’s interest are no longer protected with basic human rights.
12. The public’s trust in government and public institutions is in radical decline due to corporate lobbying of political parties causing the disintegration of democratic processes.
13. Ever greater force is being applied to citizens who don’t comply with the state’s Covid program.

Our responses

1. Cease the coercive, dangerous and violent mandating of novel therapeutics (Covid vaccines).
2. Introduce diverse voices into Covid public discourse including Indigenous thinkers, community elders, broad thinking generalists, creative ecologists and others who understand a pandemic is more like a forest in its complexity rather than a factory of cogs, bolts and shifting spanners.
3. Offer people Covid antibody (serological) tests to observe levels of natural immunity in the population until herd is reached naturally. Promote immune enhancing lifeways including whole foods, home-gardened food, daily exercise, meaningful work, meditation, etc, and make these lifeways available to everyone through a systematic societal deconstruction of the capitalist property market. Having access to stable housing and land is a basic human need and improves immunity by reducing financial stress.
4. Make widely available Covid treatment therapies that have long been studied and are not a risk to public health. Many of these treatments have been targets of smear campaigns. Investigate who is behind the smearing and expose their interests.
5. Conduct an inquiry into why the federal government agreed to indemnify Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers thus putting vaccine injury costs onto the Australian public. Investigate the silencing of doctors through the directive issued by the Medical Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency, which states doctors may not produce statements or health advice which “undermine the national immunisation campaign (including via social media).”
6. Expose the pharmaceutical industry’s criminal track record, enable people and their communities to understand the economic drivers of this industry’s criminality, and overrule legal immunity of the manufacturers of Covid vaccines in relation to people who are injured by them.
7. Cease the segregation tactics at all levels of government and critically examine the societal scapegoating that has taken place. Engage in community wide grief circles for those who have either been mislead and/or scapegoated throughout this pandemic, to help restore harmony in communities.
8. Cease the lockdowns, cancel the state of emergency, and give financial and medical support to people in crisis.
9. Inform people of the true story of the origins of Covid – a human-engineered virus leaked from The Wuhan Institute of Virology by scientists working on behalf of the vaccine industry and funded by America’s NIH. Enable communities around the world to decide whether gain-of-function research should be conducted or not.
10. Work to dismantle corporate-government collusion generally in society and immediately close the revolving door between government officials and the pharmaceutical industry.
11. Switch off state-funded and corporatised media and support independent media channels, platforms and news agencies that declare their interests. Revoke any government bills or policy that harm the functioning of investigative journalism and a healthy fourth estate.
12. Rebuild the public’s trust in government by electing only candidates who commit to fully disabling lobbying of political parties by business, roll back corporate interference in public institutions, especially in health and education, and restore democratic principles in all tiers of government.
13. Demilitarise the police force, wind back their excessive weapons and power, and enable peaceful protests. Collectively grieve what and who we have lost over the past 18 months, and praise all we have gained.


Well, this is where we are currently at. For us a roadmap needs to be a living document because anything too fixed and rigid soon becomes brittle. What do you think? What have we missed? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. And of course we’d love to see what your roadmaps look like too.

Much love from unceded Gunditjmara country.
Artist as Family