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Artist as Family’s Covid protocols (prevention and early treatment)

Covid finally arrived in our home this week and we use this event to explain our protocols for both prevention and early treatment, and examine the lies, the lab leak, and the misinformation spread by the corporate media in collusion with the state-Pharma nexus that resulted in the deaths of millions of people.

Here’s the audio-only version


As mentioned in the video, we’d love you to share your protocols and what has helped you to either prevent or early treat Covid. In an era of medical fascism those of us not wanting to participate in the state-Pharma nexus will need to grow our post-industrial medicine knowledges and share them freely.

References (in order of appearance)

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Cold water immersion (powerful free medicine)
Great Barrington Declaration

We recorded this video yesterday, and we are happy to let you know that today, on day 5, Meg has no more symptoms and is feeling back to her songbird Magpie self.

Signing off with much love, solidarity and care,
Artist as Family

Cold water immersion – powerful free medicine

In today’s video we take you through our daily ritual of cold water immersion, which we call a full bodied ‘acceptance ritual’, and speak to the physical and mental benefits of going into this aqueous underworld every morning before dawn, before a hot cup of tea.

Here is the audio-only version.


And following are some articles looking into the science of what we have found (intuitively) to be highly beneficial.

Winter swimming improves general well-being
The Science Behind Cold Water Plunges
What to Know About Cold Water Therapy
Scientific Evidence-Based Effects of Hydrotherapy on Various Systems of the Body
Cold water immersion – science for sport
New Science – Ancient Body
Cold Water Immersion – Take the plunge?
Taking the plunge: does cold water swimming have health benefits?

We hope you’ll share in the comments your powerful medicines and practices that have become routine rituals for you.

Sending warm, wintry love from here,

Meg, Patrick, Woody and Zero

Compare This:

“No, no, no sickness really, only clean one. Because they lived on wild honey and meat. They have been living on bush tucker. Nothing. No tea, no sugar, no ice-cream or lollies, nothing. Only been living on bush honey, bush tomatoes, bush raisins, edible seeds and grass seeds. Any kind of seeds. They lived on yams. No sickness. Nothing, all good. Nothing, they were good living in them days. They only got sick from a cold. Only catching a cold, that’s all. No more. No sickness, nothing. Because they living on different food. Yeah, different food bush tucker”.

Joe, Ali Curung elder, NT, from Message Stick, series 12, episode 11: The Artists of Ali Curung, ABC iview, April, 2010.

With this:

“According to the archaeological evidence, [early] farmers were more likely than hunter-gatherers to suffer from dental-enamel hypoplasia – a characteristic horizontal striping of the teeth that indicates nutritional stress. Farming results in a less varied and less balanced diet than hunting and gathering does… Farmers were also more susceptible to infectious diseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis and malaria as a result of their settled lifestyles… Dental remains show that farmers suffered from tooth decay, unheard of in hunter-gatherers, because the carbohydrates in the farmers’ cereal-heavy diets were reduced to sugars by enzymes in their saliva as they chewed. Life expectancy…also fell… The settled farmers are invariably less healthy than their free-roaming neighbours. Farmers had to work much longer and harder to produce a less varied and less nutritious diet, and they were far more prone to disease”.

Tom Standage, An Edible History of Humanity, Atlantic Books, 2009.

With this:

“We want to bring together in this work current ecological philosophies and permaculture activisms, and show the corresponding ties with pre- or less mediated societies – societies who have possessed a land-based intelligence devoid of anxiety, self-harm, material entitlement, depression, food disorders, self-loathing, alienation, hypochondria, mood disorders, cancer, tooth decay, mental illness, diabetes, organised violence, memory loss (or blindness to violence), division of labour and subsequent ecological estrangement”.

The Artist as Family, more notes on the Food Forest, April, 2010.