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Early homecoming (Gunditjmara to Djaara country in a flash)

With much regret we abandoned our pilgrimage in this little corner

of the River Vu camping ground,

in the southwest corner of the colonial-corporate state of Victoria, in Gunditjmara peoples’ country.

We had made our last video on the road.

Our friends Nikki and Petrus so generously picked us up in Nikki’s ute and we headed home to Djaara mother country with mixed feelings after four months on the road. Our reason for returning home into the hearth of community were twofold. Woody missing his friends was a growing, gnawing issue. But the main reason for our return is the growing threat we face from corporatised government towards non-compliers who are speaking out. Living in a tent increasingly locked out of places where we could obtain food makes us vulnerable, and we’re beginning to appreciate more acutely how life for Indigenous Australians has been for generations. The permission been given to people to be discriminatory has radically worsened through aggressive media campaigns and editorials like this, and we have lost trust in the rule of law to protect people like us from state and other kinds of harm. In the transition from pilgrimage to home coming we made this video, How do we solve a problem like the unvaccinated?

We have returned to so much community generosity and love. We stayed with Nikki for a few days and with friends Sandipa and Sambodhi on their beautiful farm near Lalgambook. Then we packed up our panniers for the last time and rode to our new home.

We have friends living in our home at Tree Elbow for the year, so we’ve rented this little cottage. Thanks to so many people for rallying to find us a home especially Gordon, Kerry, Per, Connor, Pauli and Deanne. This is home for the next eight months.

First things first, get some spuds and toms in the ground,

head to Melbourne to join 100,000 others protesting the new pandemic bill,

begin to make a home (thanks Annie-Mai for the flowers from your garden),

and continue to produce videos that demonstrates the thinking of independent analysis not bought out by big pharma or silenced by government:

Now we are home we will continue to do what we have always done: ask questions, work towards dismantling unjustness and live our lives alongside others who honour the sacredness of the earth. As our hero Vandana Shiva says, ‘We cannot continue on an ecologically destructive path that deepens extractivism, colonialism, patriarchy and inequality, while allowing for corporate expansion and control.’ We all know in our hearts how we want to live: in ways that are respectful of the earth and one another as sovereign beings in all our wondrous diversity.

A new home – our step by step transition from social media and Big Tech

Hello Dear Reader,

What do you think of our new website? We hope you like it as much as we do. We’re really thrilled you won’t be spied on here, or have your data mined and sold onto third parties, and there will be no manipulating of your algorithm while you’re visiting us here. These are just some of the reasons why we collaborated with the wonderful meta4 team, Lorne and Juanita, to begin our steady transition away from Big Tech platforms. We’d love to hear of your plans and actions if you are considering doing the same. Equally as important, this new Artist as Family website houses all of our thoughts, blog posts, projects, videos and much more in the one independent place.

We feel quite grown up to have our own site, but to be completely transparent we also fear it not being as easily and seductively as interactive as the other media sites so please do comment, ask questions, share posts and bring others into this non-commercial autonomous zone. Yes, we agree, how can a website that relies on a coal-powered internet be anything but a contradictory thing? Our response to this may not satisfy some but if we don’t collectively share our narratives using this technology of trying to walk in right-relationship with the flowering, fruiting, sacred earth, then we can’t really begin or maintain our transitions and start the work that our future communities will need to build upon.

To have a little grace, thank you Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram for the numerous years of free story-sharing. It’s not entirely your fault you’re following an aggressive capitalist power agenda. It’s the dominant culture you grew up within, which if you don’t challenge you just end up going along with. Our elders have failed us. They have used fallen patriarchy – the forms of competitiveness and dominance – and put them before the mothering of the world. We all suffer for it, even the power seekers who will be the last to see it. Maybe one day they will. That will be a wonderful time for all. This is the world we seek. Between all three Big Tech platforms we use (well two really as Instagram is Facebook) we have around 25,000 followers. No small feat for unusual storytellers and unconventional culture makers. But before they ‘misinformation’ us, shadow ban or cancel us out entirely we’ve begun to make the leap.

Here, with the help of local love-futurists Lorne and Juanita, we have produced a CommonsTube to host our videos and this general website where we will share our writings, events, featured podcasts, public talks and photographs. We will continue to use the Big Tech platforms until they either completely disappear us from view or enough of you come across and subscribe here. We wish to get to 5000 dedicated subscribers before we decouple altogether from these powerful manipulators. So please sign up, and share with friends.

Previous blog posts were created over at Blogger between 2009 – 2020 and transported here.

Thanks so much for joining us on this new journey.