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Arriving at the Church of Mother Country

In this unscripted, barefoot generation of thought through Mother Country, Patrick returns to the Pandora myth, which is necessarily entangled with the twinning myth of Prometheus and Epimetheus, and he connects these major western origin stories to the present culturing, making and remaking possibilities of Mother Country.

Patrick offers an embodiment experiment into what he’s calling the reclamation movement, or the returning movement. This spirit of consciousness willing to draw on origins and ancestors is in direct contrast to the groundless, innovation-anxious, becoming-thrust of hypertechnocivility, which Jonathan Pageau, John Vervaeke, and Paul Kingsnorth are all critically and eloquently examining right now, among others such as Artist as Family.

Krishnamurti speaks to the “utterly religious” experience being characterised by a lack of fear in his 1972 work, The Impossible Question. This wisdom is unspoken in this reperforming of the feminine sacred by Patrick, but it underpins this experiment.

We hope you enjoy, Arriving at the Church of Mother Country.

Here is the audio-only version:


And here it is with vision (and cameos by Patch, Poppy, Drizzle and Eric – our goodly sheep):


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