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Towards a sacred politics (with permaculturist, health practitioner and AFP candidate, Kerryn Sedgman)

Kerryn Sedgman is standing in the forthcoming Australian federal election in the Ballarat electorate as an Australian Federation Party candidate. This week we caught up with her at her home in Wheatsheaf in southern Djaara country, heard why she is standing, and explored the possibility of reclaiming a sacred politics.

We offer this video as an alternative political perspective to help generate discussion for other ways we might perform politics.

You can listen to the audio only version here.


Please feel free to share this story and to comment below. Thank you to all the generous folk who have donated in the past week. We now have enough funds to make the next three videos. A big thanks again to Miles for his fine camerawork and collaboration. We so value all his inputs and generosity.

Here are the video references:

Kerryn Sedgman website
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Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein (teaser video)
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Swedish peer-reviewed study alerting probable Pfizer vaccine harm to liver cells
Mobeen Syed MD’s interpretation of the Swedish study
Catherine King MP
Patrick asks Catherine King when will segregation end in Victoria? video

Voting to disrupt global corporatism (a neopeasant take)

Last night we hosted a political potluck dinner that we’d advertised on several local encrypted message groups. Our home – oh, it’s bloody good to be back – filled with new faces and old friends, with those of us in this growing tribe of folk who have become increasingly politically awake to what gaming the pandemic has enabled. We shared food and conversation about the forthcoming federal election.

We spoke to the story of how the pandemic has been used to erode democracy, silence dissent and generally pave a way for (unelected) neofeudal lords and ladies to fuck around with we common folk. ‘We’ being the burgeoning global neoserfdom, all supposedly fighting against each others’ algorithms and other data-mined manipulations while unwittingly being shaped into passive receptors of synthetic-biology food and medicine – UBI serfs with digital identities, controlled by centralised digital currency enforcing we only buy from big Energy, big Ag and big Pharma and get all our basic needs from companies owned by the global elites who are going to save us. Well, that’s at least how we’re reading the current situation.

What follows is our off the cuff, rather naive (open) take on the gathering last.

You can listen to the audio only version here:

We welcome your comments and your shares. We’d love to hear about how you’re feeling about the upcoming election, and how you’re feeling about the political landscape in general.

Sending all the very best from Tree Elbow,
Patrick, Meg, Blackwood and Zero

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A regrarian meets a neopeasant (with Darren Ó Dochartaigh)

Regrarian Darren Ó Dochartaigh (AKA Darren Doherty) met Patrick for a yarn at the Doherty family café in oldtimer Djaara country a few weeks back. What unfolds in this meeting is a complex and joyous discourse that spans biology, ideology and politics, and a slow building analysis of how white institutional paternalism and shareholder science have come together to erode personal responsibility and play false gods with ungovernable biomes.

Darren’s critique of scientific hubris is important for anyone wishing to understand the current and interrelated health and ecological crises, which have in large part been augmented by industrial food, medicine and energy productions and consumption.

Darren and Patrick’s conversation highlights the importance of doing-saying-thinking so chronically missing from anthropocentric academies. The importance of feedback loops is something David Holmgren and Darren have been arguing for over decades and is what makes these farmer-thinkers so valuable at this time of depletion, over consumption and stubborn intransigence to the earth’s actual capacity.

We welcome your comments and respectful debate relating to this provocative yarn.

Each episode in this series costs a minimum of $250 to produce so your support of our work enables us to keep having these conversations that are disallowed in mainstream media and in the academies. We are so grateful to those who have supported our work thus far, in many different ways. Thank you to Miles once again for shooting this conversation. The north facing window and the fast moving clouds made it quite a challenge with the light.

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We’re taking a short break from publishing to move back into Tree Elbow after a beautiful 9 month gestation of transient living. We are so looking forward to returning home. We look forward to seeing you back here shortly.

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Red flags and the state-pharma nexus

At the Munich Security Conference this week, Bill Gates stated he was saddened that natural immunity, not Promethean or paternalistic science, has effectively ended Covid. Just say it, Bill, natural immunity is superior, and science knows this about a virus. Well, hello to another week’s report from planet Crazyland. 🤪

We have found ourselves in foreign political company throughout this epidemic for being courageous – or foolish – enough to question the government-pharma revolving door. This is something we’ve long thought of as important critical work to be done by anyone interested in examining global power relations and what makes a fair and just world.

Our video this week takes a dive into left-right binaries, the anti-mandate movement, and the collusion between the state and the pharmaceutical industry.

As always we welcome your comments.

Hoping your crazy is not too crazy, and you have plenty of nuance, love and diverse relations in your life.
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Artist as Family x

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