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Forbidden women – International Women’s Day segregation in Australia

We held a peaceful protest outside our town hall today, bringing attention to our exclusion from the International Women’s Day event there. All over the world countries have already dropped restrictions as it has become clear the vaccines are not as effective as natural immunity, and are not the ‘safe and effective’ therapeutics they were promised to be. Yet in our home town, segregation and discrimination continue apace. No wonder international tourists are boycotting Australia.

We came home after the event and put this short video together. We look forward to your comments and discussion.

It was such a privilege for us to stand with so many fine and brave peeps, including Maya,



and Sally.

Sending love and solidarity to you on International Women’s Day.

Red flags and the state-pharma nexus

At the Munich Security Conference this week, Bill Gates stated he was saddened that natural immunity, not Promethean or paternalistic science, has effectively ended Covid. Just say it, Bill, natural immunity is superior, and science knows this about a virus. Well, hello to another week’s report from planet Crazyland. 🤪

We have found ourselves in foreign political company throughout this epidemic for being courageous – or foolish – enough to question the government-pharma revolving door. This is something we’ve long thought of as important critical work to be done by anyone interested in examining global power relations and what makes a fair and just world.

Our video this week takes a dive into left-right binaries, the anti-mandate movement, and the collusion between the state and the pharmaceutical industry.

As always we welcome your comments.

Hoping your crazy is not too crazy, and you have plenty of nuance, love and diverse relations in your life.
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