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From pandemic to war through a geo-ecological lens (with David Holmgren)

This week we spent a few hours with co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren, at his home Melliodora in southern Djaara peoples’ country. Our conversation ranged from the personal to the geopolitical, dark green ecology to bright green billionaires, pandemic constriction to war construction, the role of energy in shaping culture to the gaming of the progressive liberal media.

Thank you Su and David for welcoming us into your home, and thank you Miles for once again sharing your two-camera craft and expertise.

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Hearing you slowly (nuance in an age of tyranny)

Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance – Albert Maysles

As an antidote to this era of click-bait media, ‘noble lies’ journalism, feedback refusal and aggregating censorship, we are beginning a series of long-form interviews, collating the stories of people who are the experts of their own lives. And we’re sharing these stories for an audience who like their media slow, nuanced and raw.

So, here are the first four voices in the series Hearing you slowly. Thank you Trace, Marita, James and Dianne for sharing your stories. We hope you enjoy these episodes as much as we have enjoyed producing them, assisted by Miles, whose camera craft, eye and collaboration brings a special quality to this series.

In the first of these stories, children’s book writer and illustrator, Trace, speaks of her Covid experience as someone rendered health-vulnerable in large part by being overprescribed antibiotics as a teenager. She offers many insights for a post-pandemic world.

Permaculturist and grandmother, Marita, describes her youth raised and educated in Germany, and why Covid segregation has triggered her both emotionally and politically.

Highly vaccinated traveller, father and solar energy consultant, James, despite being advised not to get the Covid injections for medical reasons was not able to get a medical exemption. His personal story shines a light on the the erosion of the patient-doctor relationship and of civil liberties more broadly.

And last but not least, retired elder Dianne tells the courageous story of nursing her Covid-ill parents while she was also suffering from the illness, and offers us the gifts and wisdom she gleaned over the past two years.

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Next up, we’ll be bringing you a conversation with permaculture co-originator and futurist, David Holmgren, speaking on this present moment from his unique lens, as part of our commitment to bringing you diverse stories from the heart, the gut and the mind.

Sending much love, nuance and solidarity into your day,
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