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Politicians worldwide can no longer claim ignorance of harm – an open letter to an MP

Dear Catherine King MP,

This letter is long overdue, and long. The impetus to finally write it was inspired by the article, Politicians Worldwide Can No Longer Claim Ignorance of the WHO Power Grab, which was compiled by the World Council for Health and published a few days ago. Please consider the following open letter from two residents within the electorate you are currently the sitting member for.

Movements in Australia and globally are watching governments closely to ensure they don’t continue to hand over our basic human rights to unelected, questionable global organisations and so-called philanthropists.

We wish to participate within a democracy but we believe we are right to be skeptical at this time in history. This hand shake between the Australian prime minister (your boss) and Bill Gates (your other boss) earlier this year speaks to our suspicions.

In a poll in late 2022 that included 50,000 Australians, ‘[m]ore than half of respondents either said they regret getting vaccinated, or were unvaccinated and happy with their decision.’ Only 35 per cent said ‘they were vaccinated and would make the same decision again. Not a single person said they were unvaccinated and regret the decision.’ A year on, the figure of 35% is no doubt considerably less, as we will demonstrate a little further on.

It is our belief that large numbers of the population will not tolerate authoritarian governance and overreach again, nor will they tolerate directives from big industries and their captured organisations, such as the WHO.

In late 2021, somewhere between 500,000 and 800,000 people marched in Canberra [see crowd drone shots at 21:50] against mandates for so-called ‘vaccines’ that never prevented the transmission of the pathogen known as Covid. We, like thousands of Australians, were assaulted by LRAD weapons at that peaceful march. It was the Australian government who used this weapon on us, without our knowing. Patrick experienced vertigo for the first time in his life the next morning, and Meg experienced an intense eye bleed while we were at the march. The bleed latest for several weeks.

Will your government, at the very least, admit that mandating a medical treatment that never stopped transmission is akin to manslaughter when people have died from the shots? And will your government recognise that those of us who protested were also harmed and our basic human rights eroded?

We wish to supply you with the growing scientific evidence that the Covid injections have caused and are still causing widespread harm. For the literature please go here, here, here, here, here, and here, to quote just a few of the available studies. It is revealing to us that with the flood of excess deaths since the jab rollouts, and a surge of heart-related deaths, it has not warranted the government to call for a major scientific review of these ‘vaccines’.

We believe that if the TGA wasn’t captured by industry and were a proper scientific institution, thousands of deaths in Australia would have already been attributed to the vaccines and those ministers and health officials who signed deals with pharmaceutical companies who made themselves exempt from legal liability, would be duly held accountable for those deaths. But then again, if the TGA wasn’t captured by industry, fewer deaths would have occurred, and the shots would have been pulled after the first safety signals were recorded.

As of the 16 August 2021, there were over 462 deaths and approximately 49,000 injuries reported relating to Covid vaccines in Australia. We were sent this screen grab of these numbers recorded by the TGA at this time, which disappeared from public view soon after.

In early September 2021 we asked, ‘[w]hy has the Therapeutic Goods Administration taken offline (since August 31) its Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN), including numbers of deaths caused by Covid vaccines?’

Patrick questioned you outside the town hall in Daylesford in March 2022, relating to unvaccinated people still being locked out of public places such as town halls, public libraries, public swimming pools and cafés and restaurants, despite the failure of the jabs to stop or even slow transmission. ‘Catherine,’ he asked you, ‘when will segregation end in Victoria?’ You dismissively replied, ‘When you get vaccinated.’

Do you regret replying in this way? As a non-medical person, do you regret giving personal medical advice concerning a novel therapeutic? Do you not see the human rights abuses and harm you and your colleagues have caused to members of the public who were (a) willing, (b) coerced or (c) unwilling to trust the state-Pharma nexus?

Your government’s misnomered Misinformation and Disinformation Bill is yet another red flag for us, and signals a path to more human rights abuses in the near future. It really should be called what it is – a censorship bill. When in history has it been good for populations to entrust a government (and its hand selected ‘experts’) to solely decide what is truth and what is not? Your government’s censorship bill and your government’s collusion with the WHO sends alarm bells into many communities across Australia.

Please be assured, the pushback to authoritarianism and overreach will grow in step with government fundamentalism, as it always does. As an MP and minister you are a servant of Australian democracy. You are not an agent for big industry, big banks, corporate power and so-called philanthropists.

Throughout Covid you failed us, our family and our community. You backed policies that harmed many in our community, irregardless of their jab status. You helped sow division over a GMO in a syringe that offered no sterilising immunity and was deceptively dressed up as a vaccine.

When we did this investigation back in August, the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) of the Australian government proudly stated that, ‘Several of the COVID-19 vaccines are either GMOs or made from GMOs,’ and that ‘[a]n example of GMOs as medicines is gene therapy,’ and they listed as examples of GMO medicines, Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid products. This is the screen grab we took then (accessed: August 9, 2023 at 4:43pm).

In early August 2023 we called the OGTR to inquire about their stated ‘Covid GMOs’ and ‘gene therapies’, and all we got were promises that someone will call us back shortly. A return call never happened. However, since that time the OGTR have changed the language on that same webpage. They’ve since deleted any reference to gene therapies. The webpage now looks like this (accessed: November 24, 2023 at 3:36pm):

The OGTR still admit however that both Covid shots, which are still available in Australia, are GMOs. AstraZeneca was quietly removed from use in March of this year.

Another so-called FactCheck stated, ‘[t]here are no genetically modified organisms in the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.’ but doesn’t say whether these shots are themselves GMOs. So, is this another case of weasel words? Remember, as we’ve just said, the OGTR still states on its webpage several Covid shots (they mean mRNA shots) are ‘either GMOs or made from GMOs,’ thus are either GMOs or have GMO products in them. Can you see the potential confusion or deliberate manipulation here in the ‘FactCheck’?

So, who is misinforming who? Once upon a time there would be robust debate, and genuine points of difference would be respected. It is alarming today how truth is claimed by non-scientific institutions such as the Australian Government who since 2021 has threatened doctors with their livelihoods for speaking against the official health messaging, and boards such as the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) who gagged doctors throughout the pandemic from speaking about Covid vaccines.

Science is being radically politicised, and as a society we are fast losing the ability to respect different points of view or value what both the heterodoxy and orthodoxy contribute to democracy.

Many of us are watching what you and your government are doing, and we are keeping exact records of all your decisions, statements and policies to be judged by future generations.

As a servant of democracy you have brought much pain to our home, so we’re writing to let you know we are watching, and many of us are watching. While we know your government (it is not ours) spies on people (via the Five Eyes agreement, et al), we’re letting you know that rather than spying, we are watching. Legally, respectfully, critically watching.


Catherine, please desist from selling off our human rights to big interests that manipulate the WHO. Please desist from supporting the authoritarian Misinformation and Disinformation Bill, which is clearly designed to attack and erase free speech. Please desist from ever using toxic weapons such as LRAD on peoples who disagree with, and protest against, the government. Please desist from continuing to walk the path of medical fascism.

Yes Catherine, you are free to put whatever you wish into your arm or in your mouth, it is none of our business what you do with your own body, but please desist from pushing onto us, and advising us (as you did in 2022) to use toxic treatments produced and distributed by well documented corporate criminals.

As of a few days ago, ‘the take up of a [Covid] booster dose has stalled. Only 5.5 per cent of Australians aged 18 to 64 years [are] rolling up their sleeves for a jab.’ If this report is accurate, this means few now believe The [industry-captured] Science. Science and public health have been irrevocably damaged in the public’s eyes. The distrust is significant and the only way to attend to this wholesale mistrust of government and their regulators is to sever the very cosy marriage between regulator and industry.

While there are only a few of us who make the time to speak up against the corruption in the state-Pharma nexus, most people know now what’s really going on.

May this open letter inspire others to write similar missives to the politicians who are supposedly representing them, to put them on notice, and to call them out when they erode basic human rights.

Dr Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman


Australia was sold “95% safe & effective” Covid vaccines, so where are we now?

Using Oxford University’s Our World in Data for Covid Deaths in Australia, we see a very grim picture today. The 84% of Australians who were either threatened with their livelihoods or thought they were doing the right thing and lined up for novel Covid injections (approved by the Australian Government’s TGA), may feel a mix of dismay, anger, disbelief or shame while perusing the below data. We wholeheartedly hold compassion for you, as we all move through this time together.

As stated in the above diagram in red (which are our additions, as well as the black arrows), The Guardian reported two fully vaccinated people brought Omicron to Australia from South Africa (29 Nov 2021). The only people allowed to travel into or out of the country at the time were “fully vaccinated” people. To reach “fully vaccinated” status meant (back then) that two Covid injections were required. But as the ‘experiment’ continues it now means regular booster doses are needed to receive the Green Tick of compliance. Omicron’s arrival in late 2021 coincided with a mass booster program in the first two months of 2022. Please hold this in mind, we’ll return to Jan-Feb 2022 shortly.

The below chart maps the rollout of the vaccines (up to June 6, 2022), which (if you compare with data above) shows the death rate rising in step with the vaccination rollout, which is fairly consistent with most mass vaccinated rich (obese and heavily medicated) countries. Both doses and deaths begin escalating from September 2021 onwards, which is when the mandates came into force in Australia.

In October 2021 we made this comparative video between Madagascar and Australia. Our findings were that Madagascar, although being much less resourced was faring considerably better. This is despite the small African country being almost 100% unvaccinated. Here’s the comparative Covid death rates today, seven months on, between two countries with a similar size population.

Can you guess which country is one of the most vaccinated in the world, and which is one of the least vaccinated?

Surely successful vaccines would show the complete reverse of the above data. Furthermore, if we compare Africa and Australia the pattern remains consistent – lowly vaccinated African countries have low Covid deaths, whereas highly vaccinated Australian states now have high numbers of Covid deaths, especially in Victoria. A significantly more obese country with an older population, Australia better fits the disease profile for experiencing Covid negatively. However, with how we were sold these novel vaccines – that they’d save rather than harm vulnerable people – we should be seeing the opposite of what Oxford University’s Covid-19 Data Explorer is today revealing.

It’s even more pronounced if we compare Africa with the US.

Once again, Covid deaths grow in step with vaccine doses. As Americans have been increasingly rejecting the vaccines this last few months, the deaths have started to decline. The relationship between dose and death is not surprising because Pfizer declared ‘Covid’ itself (see below) to be an adverse event (or vaccine injury) in Pfizer’s six month trial data on adverse events. This was one document of many released by the courts after the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency group challenged Pfizer and the FDA to do so, and won. Both the FDA and Pfizer wanted to lock up this data for 75 years. Repeatedly getting Covid (via vaccination) is seemingly wreaking havoc on people’s immune systems, thus making them increasingly more vulnerable to diseases, not just to Covid-19, and increasingly more vulnerable if they are already suffering comorbidities. Please hold this thought, as we’ll look at (just released) all cause mortality figures in Australia, shortly.

While Africa’s younger population plays a part in having fewer Covid deaths per million than in Australia, it certainly raises questions as to why a country would vaccinate anyone under 50 for Covid, let alone children. Herd immunity by vaccine has radically failed, as experts rightly warned despite receiving ridicule and scorn by the establishment, yet still the global experiment continues apace, no doubt due to all the billions of dollars in investment that countries like Australia have spent and, one could now rightly argue, wasted. In Australia a forced vaccination program for Covid has been a well orchestrated strategy, sneakily disguised as “voluntary.” But there were some legal hurdles the government had to go through in order for that to occur.

Here’s the Federal Government’s statement on mandates and their so-called ‘voluntary vaccination’ program in Australia.

By putting the onus on businesses to do the forcing and coercing through mandates – get jabbed or loose your job and thus economic security – the Australian governments (including the states) avoided breaking the Nuremberg Code, which determines, The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential, where the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

The reality of ‘vaccinations are voluntary’ was expressed here in our town a few months back by former midwife, Sally, whose sister Wendy was one of thousands of Australian nurses sacked for not taking one of the experimental vaccines that the Federal government declared “safe and effective.” Here’s the video we made of that protest event.

Our story about agricultural consultant, Liz Mann, who was forced into getting vaccinated by the threat of losing her job, and was injured by Pfizer’s injection, is just one example of many human rights abuses governments have brought upon the peoples of Australia. The story we presented on the sacking of Indigenous arts workers in Victoria, is yet another. We believe there are thousands of stories in Australia alone that similarly expose the abuse, corruption and conceit brought about by the official response, but the big-money-captured media will not share them. As a result vaccine failure and harm have become taboo subjects in Australia and there is a growing fear that any negative discourse about vaccines will undermine the vaccine industry at large. This unscientific belief has become institutionalised – we don’t want to encourage vaccine hesitancy, so nothing negative can be spoken, shared or studied. Instead of transparency and investigation, lies and deceit aggregate, and as a result this undermines trust in public health in a growing portion of the population, and leads to, well, the current vaccine crisis.

What we’re now very curious about is how our politicians, journalists and bureaucrats will explain the 20.5% increase in all cause mortality in Australia in the first two months of 2022? How can “safe and effective” vaccines produce more all cause deaths? Is this the result of widespread immune fatigue? Even without Covid deaths, all cause deaths were more than 10 percent above historical average.

This period, Jan-Feb 2022, is when state governments were imploring their citizens to receive booster shots or “top ups”, despite Israeli scientists in late 2021 warning about immune fatigue from repeated shots.

It now seems clear to us that immune fatigue is driving Covid deaths in the most vaccinated countries. But Dr Naomi Wolf (along with 3000 doctors and medical researchers, looking at the aforementioned Pfizer doc and thousands of other released docs, takes it much further. She and her colleagues call it a global genocide because Pfizer, Moderna and the FDA knew of the harms of their experimental products and wilfully covered them up. See our video, Can we trust the ABC and FDA for more insights on this.

So, for people who live in Australia, we have a few questions: Should those of us who never trusted Pfizer, Moderna and AZ with our health, still be punished and vilified? Are we really selfish, as The Guardian loves to promulgate?

Please note: The Guardian is a global newspaper based in the UK that has received millions of dollars from Bill Gates, a billionaire who invests in vaccines and whose net worth rose 30 billion dollars over the past two years of the pandemic. If you’re on board with Gates’s GMO and MRNA synthetic-biology ideology and on board with his buy up of what some call ‘progressive media’ in order to push these ‘tools’ onto the world, then you’ll probably believe in advertorials for Gates like this (as published in The Guardian).

Mind blowing or mind working?

The above article is what captured journalism looks like. Media corruption is in essence the acceptance of money to skew a given narrative and demonise the alternatives. That this has become so commonplace in the contemporary moment most likely means there is much suffering on the horizon, because a society that has lost sense of fair play, integrity and transparency is a society in permanent crisis. Becoming aware of such media corruption, and boycotting media organisations who push billionaires’ business agendas is the pathway back to a more egalitarian and diversely ranging society. It’s up to everyone to be vigilant with bought narratives and to develop a red-flag intuition for media hit pieces that promulgate on behalf of the world’s billionaire class.

The Trusted News Initiative (funded in large part by the likes of billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, who owns The Washington Post) is the arrival of The Ministry of Truth, only a handful of years after Orwell ‘predicted’ it. Any alternative or dissenting view is now labelled mis or disinformation. Gates, Bezos and co have been smart to capture liberal and Left-leaning media from NPR, BBC, The Guardian etc., because traditionally it has been the Left to raise red flags at corporate intransigence and take-over. But now it is the Left who is either silent on, or actively championing, Gates’ I’m-gonna-fix-climate-change-and-public-health-while-making-billions agenda.

But Gates and co are just one front of deception. Governments in the rich countries enlisted behavioural psychologists to help persuade their populations Covid vaccines were both safe and effective. This is the sort of ‘messaging’ (a polite word for propaganda) that was blasted into our minds ad infinitum.

This piece of well styled propaganda does not say the testing is ongoing and that over 42,000 thousand people ended up with adverse reactions in the first six months of the global roll out of Pfizer alone, and it doesn’t say our governments have failed to set up adequate reportage mechanisms for people affected adversely by the jabs, although the Australian Government at least admits that ‘fatigue’ is widespread post vaccination, despite it playing down this particular injury, which may have deathly ramifications.

Billions of tonnes of ‘concrete’ is still being poured over the official Covid response story in the rich nations, and the “trusted news,” set up before most Australians knew what Covid was, continues to herald the Covid vaccine experiment as a tremendous success. But truth has an uncanny way of pushing up through the hairline cracks in any narrative and regrowing a forest where diversity will again flourish.

Corporatism-science will always harm, but human integrity is the perennial remedy.

95% safe and effective? What is your verdict? This is ours. We’d love to read your comments.

How vaccine mandates crushed an Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Victoria

Eric, a Gamilaraay man, moved to Yorta Yorta country for fruit picking work back in the day and one of the local elders, Uncle Les Saunders, discovered Eric paints pictures and pulled him under his wing. This friendship led to collaboration and emplacement for Eric, and helped establish a hive of cultural activity in the region, aided by Angie and Mandy, a Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Wurrung woman. Over many years, Eric, Angie and Mandy worked together to build the profiles of numerous local Aboriginal artists and develop an important cultural hub recognised across Australia and around the world. But then the vaccine mandates came into force in late 2021. This is the story of loss and dismissal, and the crushing of a vibrant Aboriginal cultural centre.

You can listen to the audio-only version here:


Many apologies to those who have been waiting for captions on our videos. Please know we are working on it and we’ll start to include them shortly.

A big hearty thanks to Angie, Eric and Mandy for offering their story, and to Miles for his two-camera magic, once again.

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