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In our latest video, Patrick shares a rich, long-form yarn with English artist, Joel Gray. Together they traverse the sticky, dominating, Promethean go-it-alone world of the machine and of the all-consuming Moloch. They arrive at a composting, cob building place, restoring Pandora's homeplace fermenting vessel, her Gaia, her Mother Country – the entanglements and gossipy liveliness of tending the village seeds beyond transhumanism.
In our latest video, Patrick takes us through the management of gorse by goats and the ecological significance of slow and small solutions for post-industrial, subsistence and land-less farming.
In this unscripted, barefoot generation of thought through Mother Country, Patrick returns to the Pandora myth, which is necessarily entangled with the twinning myth of Prometheus and Epimetheus, and he connects these major western origin stories to the present culturing, making and remaking possibilities of Mother Country.
In our latest video we give an insight into the philosophy and structure of our bush school, Forest & Free, which we established several years ago. This is a 'school' built upon gifts, with few organisational costs, little administration, and a whole bunch of community trust where the principal teacher is Mother Country.
In this video we take you on a tour of the top 10 medicines that keep us outside the industrial medical complex. If you've never considered the following as medicines, we invite you open to this next half hour as we reveal our story of health and well-being, and why our family hasn't required a medical centre for many years.
In this latest video, Patrick examines the role of heterodox thinking both broadly and within more marginal cultural milieus. He is curious whether the potent religious myth of the turned over money tables has currency in this moment and whether permaculture in Australia is falling into wrong story by adopting neoliberal guerrilla tactics of censorship and divisive behavioural strategies that include the creation of contagion/scapegoat classes in order to stifle dissent or debate. What society only recently called a difference of opinion is now being labelled as misinformation. Does this matter? Who is watching? Does anyone care if the heterodoxy is erased?
Patrick headed into the forest this week to record some thoughts about what is happening to the intentions of diversity and inclusivity.
Hello pickled turnip and purslane lovers, introducing… a new Artist as Family music video to celebrate Meg on her 49th birthday, featuring Maya Green on fiddle. Now for the recipe: First: Add your cleaned turnips to your jar. We pickle ours whole, but feel free to slice yours first. They will taste the same, but […]
Join Patrick as he asks timely questions of Bei Yin and Jashan Singh. Bei and Jashan's stories offer clarity, warmth, honesty and generative responses to the discussion of how we might reclaim the local village.
Maya Green and Artist as Family collaborate as Dirty Trees in the Daylesford community food gardeners summer solstice gathering in Djaara Mother Country. In this clip we play an instrumental version of Mairi's Wedding (also known as Marie's Weddin...
Join us as we shell broadbeans at the kitchen table and listen to the homeplaces, wisdom and wildness of Constanza Hidalgo, Ilenia Theuriclat and Carla Gallego. These three women are the latest volunteers to visit Tree Elbow University and join...
Alongside permaculture elders and friends Su Dennett and David Holmgren, Artist as Family is featured in a new French TV series directed by Thierry Robert and starring Cyril Dion as the narrator. The series is in three parts and this short clip is...
Patrick speaks to just a few of the virtues of Urtica dioica – the common stinging nettle – and how we use this generous and powerful plant as food, tea and medicine in our home.
Meg sings the praises of milk kefir and shares our favourite recipe for turning this wild ferment into pure gold, from home.
David Holmgren and John Shipton speaking at The Julian Assange rally in Melbourne on Saturday 8 October 2022. Holmgren discusses the "inversion of values" between left and right politics.
Covid finally arrives in our home and we use this event to explain our protocols for both prevention and early treatment.