A community of thoughtsmiths who have inspired us, as well as our own published writings, projects and talks hosted elsewhere.

Our community of thoughtsmiths

David Abram
John Berger
Wendell Berry
Katrina Blair
Stephen Harrod Buhner
Claire Dunn
Charles Eisenstein
Silvia Federici
David Fleming
Alan Garner
David Graeber
Peter Gray
John Michael Greer
Donna Haraway
Shannon Hayes
David Holmgren
Rob Hopkins
Sandor Ellix Katz
Lynne Kelly
Eduardo Kohn
Pat McCabe
Margo Neale
Anitra Nelson
Tao Orion
Bruce Pascoe
Martín Prechtel
Annie Raser-Rowland
Deborah Bird Rose
Martin Shaw
Rupert Sheldrake
Vandana Shiva
Victor Steffensen
Gail Thomas
Robin Wall Kimmerer
Maya Ward
Francis Weller
Tyson Yunkaporta

Some days it has felt like an impossible venture to live outside corporatised, digi-industrial food and energy systems. The learning we have gone through over the past decade to put nourishing food on our plates and keep warm by our own labour has been extensive.

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| We live, love and labour in Djaara Mother Country, on unceded sacred land |

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