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While our economy is 85% non-reliant on the monetary economy we still need a little to keep the suits from the door. 

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The great majority of what we share is as a gift and these gifts flow into the greater ‘flow of gifts’ economy we are in service to and are recipients of. If you wish to give to our work or come learn with us, click the most relevant tab below.

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A one time gift helps us with costs incurred in sharing stories, making videos and raising awareness of untold or censored stories.

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Recurring donations help us with ongoing costs related to keeping this website running and producing videos and other alternative cultural content in an age of censorship.


We take volunteers, or what we call SWAPs (Social Warming Artists and Permaculturists) for one week at a time between October and May.

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As we are completely decoupled from advertising and affiliations to promote our work, we rely on word of mouth and recommendations from others to share our offerings. We would be very grateful if you shared our work widely. 

Born within a ‘whitefella’ nation-state cultural context of Being There rather than Belonging Here, the most serious question for us looks something like this: How can we reclaim a belonging and honouring of the living of the world when the dismantling of such cosmology spans so many centuries, and we stand upon unceded Aboriginal land?

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| We live, love and labour in Djaara Mother Country, on unceded sacred land |

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