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This video consists of a medical opinion by Dr Bret Weinstein. It is not offered here as any form of medical absolute but rather in the spirit of societal enquiry. If you're interested in the initial discussions with Geert Vanden Bossche and Bret ...
Meg and Patrick are interviewed by Gillian Blair from 3WAY FM Community Radio Warrnambool in Gunditjmara country, 6 September 2021.
A new song from our stay in the Gunditjmara city.
A little snapshot of life on the road accompanying our a new song, Roadside Fruit.
In the absence of boats whales are swimming around jetties and seals are occupying them in Gadubanud Mother Country. Read our latest blog post:
In this piece we compile a number of sources who speak on the growing evidence for the lab leak theory and why we are championing the term anthropogenic pandemic. Below are the links to the media we draw upon in this video, in order of appearance...
In this video we're joining our buddies in the Australian arts fraternity, including the extraordinary Virginia Gay and Tim Minchin, to call out vaccine hesitancy and put an end to alternative voices in the Australian arts industry. Come on Austra...
We took Martha Postlethwaite's poem, Clearing, added some instruments and arranged it into song. Thanks Martha, and thanks Nana Jones for sending this poem through to us. This song is the first of a series we'll make on the road over the next twel...

When we put our hands on the soil before a meal and speak into the living of the world, acknowledging that all our fuel, food, shelter, drink, clothes, tools and much more besides, come from a truly giving earth, we begin to tell another story of economy, another story of culture.

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