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We scrutinise an AFP fact-check on the Canadian Covid Care Alliance's evidence that reveals Pfizer's jab causes more harm than good. Here are the references (in order of appearance; pls note if we refer to a reference multiple times we only list i...
Today's story is a presentation published by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance - a cohort of over 500 independent doctors, scientists and health care practitioners providing evidence-based information regarding Covid-19. It is 40 mins long, so we r...
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Happy New Year dearest supporters and critics!This week we investigate the often touted claim that Covid vaccines reduce hospitalisations by more than 90%. Where did this figure come from? What is it based upon? In our latest video we take a dee...
Have we become so blind as a society we no longer see conflicts of interest in plain sight? In this video we examine this question and more, looking specifically at two public institutions, the ABC in Australia and the FDA in the US.Our referenc...
In our latest Covid story compost we examine ways to end the pandemic, the political fundamentalism that's dividing families and communities in Australia, and the alarming measures being put into place to further punish non-compliers in this new e...
Are the vaccines extending the life of the pandemic and therefore harming vulnerable people?
What the hell is going on with language and shame labelling in Australia? Will the othering movement help create the sort of civil unrest that's occurring in America?

When we put our hands on the soil before a meal and speak into the living of the world, acknowledging that all our fuel, food, shelter, drink, clothes, tools and much more besides, come from a truly giving earth, we begin to tell another story of economy, another story of culture.

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