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Patrick speaks to just a few of the virtues of Urtica dioica – the common stinging nettle – and how we use this generous and powerful plant as food, tea and medicine in our home.
Meg sings the praises of milk kefir and shares our favourite recipe for turning this wild ferment into pure gold, from home.
David Holmgren and John Shipton speaking at The Julian Assange rally in Melbourne on Saturday 8 October 2022. Holmgren discusses the "inversion of values" between left and right politics.
Covid finally arrives in our home and we use this event to explain our protocols for both prevention and early treatment.
Meg and Patrick speak the story and the form of a recent community grief ritual they hosted.
"Those who declare that Holocaust analogies are "off-limits" are betraying the victims of the Holocaust by denying the relevance of the Holocaust." Vera Sharav speaking at the 75th Anniversary Event of the Nuremberg Code in Nuremberg, Germany, on ...
It feels a little embarrassing that we've held on to the idea of industrial insurance for all these years, but today we finally drew a line in the sand and cancelled it. This is some of the why, how and what of that decision, and the unpacking of ...
In today's video we take you through our daily ritual of cold water immersion, which we call a full bodied 'acceptance ritual', and speak to the physical and mental benefits for going into this aqueous underworld every morning before dawn.

When we put our hands on the soil before a meal and speak into the living of the world, acknowledging that all our fuel, food, shelter, drink, clothes, tools and much more besides, come from a truly giving earth, we begin to tell another story of economy, another story of culture.

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