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We take a look at the scientific literature pointing towards the importance of vitamin D in the unfolding Covid story.Here are the references we used: https:/...
In this video we examine the claims that Covid vaccines work, they are safe and are stopping transmission. We draw on the work of Associate Professor Peter Doshi and Professor Nikolai Petrovsky and hear from a vaccine injured mountain biker who te...
This is an edited version of the yarn we had with Sophie Spencer from 'Big things. Little things' podcast last month.
Is it conspicuous to you that the corporatised media treats unvaccinated people with one brush and that there is never a fair representation of who we actually are and why we have reached the decision we have? In this video we address a newspaper ...
We came across this furry fella in Nelson in Gunditjmara peoples' country, and we dusted off an old song of ours and put the two together. Thanks to the Nelson Hotel for allowing us to film out the back.
Artist as Family cover the Jewish folk song, The Whole Entire World, written by Baruch Chait.We sing this song to the souls of those who have dehumanised us. In Australia today those who resist experimental inoculations have become the scapegoa...
Meg takes us through her trusty three-cornered garlic #kraut recipe from our kitchen-on-the-road in #Gunditjmara mother country.
Unlike Australia, Madagascar is not a rich nation. The country is experiencing severe drought and famine, they've had few lockdowns, and less than 1% of its population is Covid vaccinated. So why are they doing so much better than Australia?We ...

When we put our hands on the soil before a meal and speak into the living of the world, acknowledging that all our fuel, food, shelter, drink, clothes, tools and much more besides, come from a truly giving earth, we begin to tell another story of economy, another story of culture.

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