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In today's video we take you through our daily ritual of cold water immersion, which we call a full bodied 'acceptance ritual', and speak to the physical and mental benefits for going into this aqueous underworld every morning before dawn.
We wrote a song...just for something to do...
It was Dave's second Pfizer shot that shook him to look further into the state-Pharma nexus and notice that even as a double jabbed person vilification can occur just for raising uncomfortable questions.To read the whole post go to: https://ar...
Liz Mann, a farmer and ag consultant for the organic diary industry, was still in hospital recovering from her first Pfizer jab when her contract was terminated because she refused her second. This is her story.
Towards a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible... Big thanks to Glen Dunn for remixing the audio.
In part 2 we hear from Anna, a human rights scholar, who has been offering Eric, Angie and Mandy paralegal support in their fight against what they deem as an unfair dismissal, loosing their livelihoods and the Aboriginal cultural centre they buil...
This is the story of Eric, Angie and Mandy, who worked together to build the profiles of numerous local Aboriginal artists and develop an important cultural hub recognised across Australia and around the world. But then the vaccine mandates came i...
Taking back politics from the transhumanists with permaculturist, health practitioner and Federal political candidate, Kerryn Sedgman explores what a return to a human scale politics might look like. Kerryn is standing against Labor transhumanist ...

When we put our hands on the soil before a meal and speak into the living of the world, acknowledging that all our fuel, food, shelter, drink, clothes, tools and much more besides, come from a truly giving earth, we begin to tell another story of economy, another story of culture.

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